Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade CD-Key Generator Download Out In Public

Windows Anytime Upgrade feature in Windows 7 allows users to upgrade their already installed operating-system into higher versions letting them bypass limitations associated with lower editions without requiring to reinstall again, with this feature all the user needs to do is to buy an upgrade key from Microsoft online or a local retail and upgrade their OS edition without hassles in less then 10 minutes. The news is that hackers have now cracked open the Windows Anytime Upgrade key generation algorithm for Windows 7 and released the utility "Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade CD-Key Generator" which churns out illegal upgrade keys allowing pirates to upgrade and activate Windows 7 OS to higher SKU's like from Home Premium to Professional or Ultimate without paying Microsoft a dime.

Valid Windows Anytime Upgrade Serial Key Generated Using "Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade CD-Key Generator"

"Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade CD-Key Generator" is now in the wild and can be easily downloaded from warez sites, torrent portals and one-click file hosters like rapidshare, hotfile and megaupload.

Note :This post is intended for news purpose only, using keygens like this is not only illegal but also pose a great security risk and should always be avoided. Pls. do not post any download links to "Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade CD-Key Generator" in comment section as they will be deleted.

Five New Official Themes Released For Gmail

Google has released five new themes for Gmail - the new themes Basic Black, Basic White, Android, Tree Tops and Marker will surely refresh your Gmail experience.

To start using the new themes simply visit Settings -> Themes page from your Gmail account or click here.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Find Windows XP Product Key from the Windows XP CD

1) Insert Windows XP cd into a working computer.
2) Exit the Autorun introduction.
3) Open "My Computer"
4) Right Click on the Windows XP cd-rom drive and select explore.
5) Open the USWXP32P_ZX or I386 folder.
6) Open the sysprep folder if USWXP32P
7) Open unattend.txt

Your CD's product key is contained within the unattend.txt file.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 Excellent Chrome Extensions to Manage your Google Accounts

I am an avid Google fan. From its search engine, to Gmail, to Calendar, I have used many Google services and have always noticed Google’s motto of improvement in action. Nowadays, the Google product I use most is Chrome. I like how quickly it responds to my actions and how it takes less time to load up webpages.
Recently, I started searching for Google-related Chrome extensions. I cannot think of a more fitting way to use Google’s services than through its very own browser. I came across many extensions, picked out the best 5, and decided to share them with all of you.
If you are looking for a Chrome extension for any Google product (from Gmail to Voice, from Reader to Gtalk), take a look at my list below, read each entry, and see which extension best suits your needs.

Google Mail Checker

 The most used online Google service is undoubtedly Gmail. If you are looking for a way to be notified of your unread Gmail emails as you browse, then Google Mail Checker is for you. The icon it places in Chrome’s address bar carries a number indicating the number of unread messages. We can click this icon to get to your inbox instantly. This extension performs a basic task in a user-friendly and straightforward manner – many Chrome + Gmail users will benefit from it.

Google Reader Notifier


Google Reader Notifier performs the same task for Reader as Google Mail Checker performs for Gmail. The number of our unread messages can be seen right next to the extension’s icon. One difference is that when we click on the icon, a dropdown window appears in which we can preview the unread Reading messages. We can also use the icon to open Reading in a new tab. By viewing the preview of the Reading message before heading on over to our main Reading page, we can save quite some time.

One Number


A user comment for this extension states “This is greatest extension ever!” Chrome users who use other services of Google will find One Number to be a great all-in-one extension. It reports the unread messages over four Google services: Gmail, Reader, Voice, and Wave. The number with the extension’s icon shows the collective number of unread messages; to break them down for each service all we need to do is hover our mouse pointer over the icon. In order to reach a particular service, we need to click on the icon which drops down a window from where we can select a particular service and reach its page.

Submit to Google Buzz


 Google Buzz is a great networking and sharing service which is getting increasingly popular. Submit to Google Buzz makes it easier for us share the currently open webpage on Buzz. With the webpage open, we simply click on the extension’s icon; this brings up a window where we can choose to add a short message with the Share. If we want, we can leave this field empty and click on Post Item to just share the URL of the webpage. Google Buzz users who share links often via Buzz will greatly appreciate this extension.



Squawk is a quick and easy way to exchange messages with your Gtalk friends. A great Gtalk client for Chrome, this extension cum messenger has a great interface. The extension’s icon lets us quickly pop out the chat window. Through the built-in Message Counter feature, we are instantly notified whenever a Gtalk friend sends us a message. In addition to those features, Squawk supports voice chat, making it more than an instant messaging client. Gtalk users who want to stay connected to their friends within their browser will find Squawk very useful.


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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Play Movie in Paint

Step 1:Open Ms Paint.

Step 2:Open your Video player.

Step 3:Click on the Print screen Button on your keyboard.

Step 4:In Ms Paint us the shortcut ctrl+v or got to the Edit Tab and choose Paste option.

Step 5:Bingo!!!!No step 5.The movie is playing.

This works only with Ms Paint.

For the movie to play in Paint the video player should not be closed and the movie should not be paused in the player.